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Bathrooms Of Cranleigh

As the Cranleigh area’s go-to company for brand new bathrooms, we handle your design, supply and installation needs from conception all the way through to completion. One aspect of the process is finding the right bathroom tiles to complement bathroom suites and other elements that make up the finished room.

 While we can supply and design tiles ourselves, our company works with recommended installers who we trust implicitly to manage this side of our operation.

On this page, we’ve run through some of the most popular types of tiles that our bathroom showroom supplies and fits for homeowners around Cranleigh. If you’re still unsure about what bathroom tiles would best suit your needs and aesthetic taste –

don’t hesitate to call us on 01483 272727.


Which Bathroom Tiles Are Right for Your Cranleigh Home?

 Ceramic Bathroom Tiles – The most popular form of bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles are exceptionally versatile and available in a wide range of colours, designs and finishes. Easy to clean and maintain, they’re very cost effective. However, they’re fairly fragile when compared with many other materials, and therefore shouldn’t be used in high traffic areas or on buildings’ exteriors.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles – Similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more durable and hard-wearing, making them a great choice for heavy traffic areas like kitchens and public bathrooms. Some porcelain tiles can even be used on the exterior of Cranleigh properties, as they’re frost resistant. They’re available glazed, polished or unglazed, and need to be securely fastened to a wall with a quality adhesive, being fairly heavy.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles – Mosaic tiles are very distinctive, comprising lots of smaller tiles made up into “sheets”. You can mix and match them, making them exceptionally versatile and ideal bathroom tiles for homeowners who want to get really creative in the design process.

Stone Bathroom Tiles – There are a few different types of stone bathroom tiles, the most popular being limestone and travertine. Offering a natural aesthetic, stone tiles are filled with subtle variances and imperfections which make no two quite the same. They offer warm and earthy tones, and like porcelain bathroom tiles, are durable.


Want to see our bathroom tiles for yourself? Visit our bathroom showroom in Cranleigh. We have a wide range of tiles and bathroom suites to suit all sorts of tastes and requirements.