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Bathrooms Of Godalming

When browsing bathroom suites, there’s a lot to take into consideration. There are many different types of bath, shower and toilet that you’ll find in a typical bathroom showroom, and not all will be suitable for you. If whittling down your options seems like a difficult task, don’t fret. The team at Cranleigh Bathroom Studios is always willing to provide free, expert advice on bathroom suites, bathroom tiles, lighting – whatever it is you’re unsure about.

While you’re always welcome to pop in to our bathroom showroom near Godalming, on this page, we thought we’d lay out some basic advice to browse from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully it will help kick-start the decision making process!


Choosing the Right Bathroom Suites

Picking Out a Bath – If you’re partial to a long and relaxing soak, then a quality bathtub is a must. Bathroom suites with free-standing tubs have become increasingly popular over the years. From traditional claw-footed baths, to more minimalistic roll-tops – free-standing bathtubs can function as the centre-piece of bathrooms, adding a real luxurious, high-class feel. Alternatively, if your Godalming home lacks the space for a stand-alone tub, try a fitted one. They’re spatially efficient, available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and usually very affordable. Remember, baths aren’t an essential element part of bathroom suites. If you only ever shower, avoid a tub altogether 

Selecting a Shower – There are a few different options you have available to you when picking out a shower. Electric showers are linked to your cold water supply and use an internal element to heat it up, providing hot water on demand. They’re extremely energy efficient and very quick and easy to install.

Mixer showers are linked to your hot and cold water supplies, making them suited to homes with combi-boilers. Like the name suggests, the water is mixed within the unit. Power showers are similar, but make use of an integrated pump to increase water flow rate. They’re a great option for Godalming customers who really want to be able to jump in and out the shower quickly, and feel truly refreshed after doing so.

Finding the Right Toilet – Perhaps the most important element of master bathrooms is the toilet. While it’s an element where functionality is vital, form shouldn’t be forgotten about. Our bathroom showroom near Godalming sells all sorts of toilets, including: back-to-wall, wall-hung, corner and close-coupled toilets. Each looks different stylistically, and some are better suited to smaller spaces than larger ones (and vice versa). Toilets also vary in the type of seats and flushing mechanisms they feature. For example, choose a soft-close seat if you want to safeguard against slamming it, and a gravity flush system if you want to reduce water usage.


We urge you to visit our bathroom showroom near Godalming to take a look at our bathroom suites and bathroom tiles. A friendly member of staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have regarding our products, design service or installation process, which are handled by recommended installers operating in the Surrey area.