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Bathrooms Of guildford

Not all bathroom suites around Guildford are suitable for the disabled, elderly or otherwise movement impaired. They can often be uncomfortable to use, sometimes even painful. Mobility bathrooms incorporate special features that make using the bathroom a much less arduous experience. 

Our bathroom showroom designs and supplies ultra-functional mobility bathrooms fitted out with all sorts of convenient features. Every customer is different, however, and we ensure that each bathroom we design is precisely moulded to the individual’s needs. Below, we’ve run through a few of the most important features we include in many of our bespoke mobility bathrooms.


Features Found in Mobility Bathrooms 

Grab Rails – One of the most important aspects of “standard” mobility bathrooms are grab rails. They should be placed in strategic areas of the bathroom, in order to maximise the assistance they provide in moving around the room.

Typically, when designing mobility bathroom suites for Guildford clients, we’ll ensure there are grab rails in place next to the toilet and bath or shower. This helps prevent any potential accidents. 

Easy Access Baths & Showers – With restricted mobility, getting in and out of a traditional bath can prove difficult, painful or entirely impossible. Our bathroom showroom near Guildford has a range of easy-access baths that have doors which open to take the hassle out of entering and exiting a bath.

Likewise, we have easy access showers available. Some resemble traditional showers but with a much lower step, or no step at all. This allows you to simply walk in to it. For those who struggle with standing up, we can supply shower units that have seating inside.

Specially Adapted Basins & Toilets – Most bathrooms have basins which are fairly low down to the ground, which can make them painful to use for back pain sufferers. This problem’s easily solved with tall standing basins. We’ve fitted many adapted bathroom washbasins for Guildford clients with special requirements.  Likewise, toilets can be adapted to suit those with restricted moment. A raised toilet pan, for example, can significantly reduce the strain of bending to sit down.

If your circumstances have recently changed and you require a new, mobility-focused bathroom for your Guildford property – call Cranleigh Bathroom Studios Ltd. We can handle every aspect of the process, from the supply of bathroom tiles to the fitting of our bathroom suites themselves. All fitting is handled by our own network of recommended installers.

Our product range is expansive, and includes high quality European bathroom tiles which are mainly imported from Italy and Portugal.