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Bathrooms Of Horsham

Homeowners in and around the Horsham area often task us with designing them stylish modern bathrooms that score a 10 out of 10 in both form and function. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about professional bathroom design, and on this page, we’ve looked to pass on a little bit of our knowledge to Horsham clients who might be curious about how a bathroom showroom like our own goes about the process. 

Matching bathroom suites to bathroom tiles, picking out taps, a radiator, accessories and everything else – it’s part art and part science. If you require help with any aspect of design whatsoever, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to give you free, no-obligation advice.


Cranleigh Bathroom Studios’ Professional Design Tips

Make the Most of Your Space – Before you get too excited and pick 101 things for inclusion in your new bathroom, it’s worth thinking about what you can realistically afford space for. If you have a fairly small-sized bathroom, then consider how you can maximise spatial efficiency. Most manufacturers offer minimalistic, space-saving bathroom suites that are ideally suited to Horsham homeowners with smaller bathrooms.

There are other ways to save space. For example, we often advise our Horsham customers to forgo a bath tub if they aren’t going to use one much. A shower could occupy that space and be a far wiser investment. In this respect, some bathroom suites are better suited to certain individuals than others.

Draw up a Detailed Lighting Plan – Lighting is often overlooked, but an essential part of designing outstanding bathrooms. Users should be able to clearly see themselves in a bathroom mirror, so avoid placing a light directly above one. Otherwise, anyone admiring their reflection will likely be greeted by shadows beneath the chin, nose and eyes.

One fitting way to light a bathroom would with a pair of sconces mounted around eye height, at each side of the mirror, and a main light linked to a dimmer switch. A dimmer can help when first waking up in the morning and when preparing to go to bed in the evening. It assists your eyes in adjusting to a lower or higher light level, respectively. 

Colour Accordingly – Bathrooms that are otherwise identical can feel entirely different with just a different coat of paint. This is because colour can influence users’ moods, so it’s important to pick out a shade that will prove warm and inviting, or cool and calming. Pick a colour out that creates an atmosphere.

Likewise, bathroom tiles can really make or break a room. Inferior bathroom tiles, or decent tiles that have been sloppily fitted, can make bathrooms look cheap and amateurish. Quality, imported bathroom tiles look fantastic and will last a very long time. It’s worth paying a little extra in this department, being an easy way to establish a luxury feel in your Horsham bathroom, without shelling out for solid gold taps or a diamond studded shower!